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If you use CRM for your business, then portal might be a common term. A term that makes CRM management easy. Portal has been ruling the CRM businesses for a long time. It has evolved how businesses operate CRM. Due to its outstanding features like data security, self-service, automation, personalization, etc.In brief, if you are looking for a solution to enhance your customer experience and boost productivity in business operations, then Dynamics 365 portal is for you!

What is it?What are its Types?Why Use it?

Everything is mentioned in this article to give you a 360-degree understanding of the Dynamics 365 portal.

What is the Dynamics 365 Portal?Portal provides a personalized experience and features to your customers, employees, and partners.The Dynamics 365 portal directly syncs all the CRM information and displays it in the portal, so you don’t have to invest time and effort in re-entering all the data.With Dynamics customer portal, you can unlock many benefits and features like a secure payment gateway, easy sign-in, self-service, and much more like:

Providing a self-service sector to enable your customers to help themselves find answers to their queriesEnabling seamless communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and business partnersPersonalizing dashboard and other features as per your niche

Types of Dynamics 365 Portal

Customer Self-Service PortalAs the name suggests, the Customer Self-Service Portal or for Dynamics, a Dynamics 365 customer portal, assists customers in finding the solution to their queries independently. Here, human interference is not required; you can have knowledge-based articles, blogs, videos, tutorials, FAQs, community forums, etc., to let customers help themselves at their convenient time and from their convenient devices.

Community PortalYou can use a community portal to organize and send invites for comments, polls, discussions, blogs, ratings, etc.Community or industry experts can answer some queries, share their feedback on your products, or publicly give valuable advice to your customers. This will build brand trust and awareness.

Employee PortalEmployees also need help in certain ways, like training or tutorials on new projects or features, sharing documents, or interacting. The employee portal makes all this possible in the easiest way. Your employees can ask other employees, HR, and managers questions to get answers easily and quickly.

With Dynamics 365 employee portal, HR can manage leaves, salary slips, and other organization-related data in one centralized place.Managers can also use the employee portal for performing various managerial tasks like:

Tracking their team member’s schedules
Approving leaves
Salary distribution
Certification distribution
Analyzing their performance

Partner PortalMake managing and collaboration with partners seamless with the Partner portal.It enables your partners to access different components like history, orders, invoices, payment status, and more things that are relevant to their role in the organization.

They can analyze and get a detailed insight into lead distribution, opportunity tracking, and deal status. They can use these details to improve the required areas.

With account management of the Dynamics 365 portal, partners can update details, contact details, etc.

Portal also enables multi-partner collaboration by which multiple partners can work together and be on the same page on a single opportunity.

You can recruit and streamline partner channel operations with partner lifecycle management.

Project Service Automation and Field Service PortalThe field service portal gives you an overview of agreements, assets, invoices, and work orders.Project Service Automation provides information like invoices, quotes, bookable resources, etc., to the partners.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 PortalHere are some of the many benefits that your company can access by having the Dynamics 365 portal:

User-Friendly and Easily ConfigurableThe dashboard has well-arranged elements and organized layouts; this makes navigation smooth for users.You can quickly deploy the Dynamics 365 portal plugin as they are ready to use, and you can start them in just a few minutes. For this, you need to sign in to the system and follow all the configuration steps. That’s it.

Solve Problems EasilyThe ultimate goal of any business is to make its business more user-centric in all ways possible. With Dynamics 365 portal, you can eliminate the time it takes to solve a customer’s query. How?

By providing self-service!With a self-service section including knowledge-based articles, FAQs, tutorials, videos, etc., you can assist customers in helping themselves. Here, the benefit would be that they can access the answers to their queries at any time they want and from any device they want. As a business, you will not need to have a staff to work 24/7 as this section would assist the customer 24/7.

Keep Your Data SafeCompromising data security is not at all acceptable.With a portal, you don’t have to do that.

Data breaches are the last thing you would have to worry about when you have a Dynamics 365 portal. You can save your data from being hacked with features like two-factor and multi-factor authentication, role-based access, etc. These features allow only the relevant users to view and edit the data, which makes data security more manageable.

Final WordsWhen it comes to providing excellent customer experience and streamlining business operations together, Dynamics 365 portal is your solution.

You can get industry-specific portals too that suit your niche and audience.If you wish to customize your portal or install a portal in your business, then you should contact a well-reputed company in the portal development field. They will have experts with experience onboard to help you build a portal with all your required features and functionalities.

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