Why Dynamics 365 PortalXpand is the Best Dynamics 365 Portal

Regardless of the industry, any business needs a way to interact with customers, partners, and vendors. As the business grows, this becomes increasingly difficult to do manually.

For a business to run smoothly, it needs to connect all these elements together and be the center point.

How to know what customers want? How to communicate that to the partners? How to ensure safe inventory in all conditions? These are just some of the challenages of a business. The ideal way to manage all this efficiently is to use a portal solution.

With multiple portals in the ether, picking one that works best for you can get confusing. The Dynamics 365 Portal can be the one for you if you are looking for a hassle-free customer portal, which allows you to configure themes and widgets, and helps you smoothly manage the content of your website. Let’s expand on the features it offers:

Customizable widgets: You can make use of exclusive designs that can be bound with your data into a complete widget.
Layouts: You would be able to tailor-make design templates for a multitude of pages, websites, banners, etc. Then you just simply pick a layout and give your new work a personalized look.
Drag and Drop: Anything that lets you drag and drop the different entities of your website is a big help. The Dynamics 365 portal lets you do just that; simply drag and drop forms, layouts, and other components.
Enriched Content Management: This portal allows you to decide what content to keep private and only available to a select few after sign-in and what content to display publicly, namely FAQs. Additionally, it is offered in the language of the users’ preference. All this is done in a secure manner.
Custom Dashboard: What people love when they open a website is a dashboard that looks crafted just for them. With this plugin, you can make a dashboard that feels well-arranged. Just set and save your widgets and how you would like your dashboard to look.
Role-Based Access: Giving out overall access to everyone is a security risk that is overlooked easily. If you use Dynamics 365 portal, it will help you manage role-based access. Role-based access allows you to only give certain permissions to certain entities. Not everyone holds the master key. You are even able to view this data in a hierarchical format, which makes it easier to understand. This is a great security advantage.
360° Entity Management: You would have a comprehensive view and control over your workflow in the portal. You can view, update, manage, and configure all entities as and when required and according to business requirements.
Streamlined User Management: Should you have more than one admin, this portal allows you, the primary admin, to give out role-based rights to the secondary admin members. Additionally, any admin member can customize and distribute user rights and roles and dole out access accordingly.
Customize Active Layout: You can quickly set up an active CRM layout with the Dynamics 365 customer portal.
FetchXML: You can build it using FetchXML and get an advantage in performance. The customer portal lets you pick and choose different fields and produces queries as and when you want.
Mobile App: There is no limitation on what device you can use it on. Having the portal on your phone means you can access it from any place and at any time. PortalXpand offers an active and engaging mobile interface that enhances the user experience.
Page Level Access: You can manage page-level access and permissions for the customers, on top of having authority over overall permissions when you use Dynamics 365 Customer Portal.
Custom Navigation: You can build your page according to how you like it by using design layouts that are easy to get to and use with drag-and-drop functionalities or Code Editor if you possess coding knowledge.
Third-Party Integration: Perhaps the most important feature of PortalXpand, a Dynamics 365 Customer Portal is that it supports flexible third-party integrations for a seamless workflow. It allows you to integrate with SharePoint or do your payments using multiple payment apps and even allows for single sign-in with Facebook, Gmail, or Microsoft.
Synchronized Solution: The issue people may face while working with multiple systems is synchronization. With Dynamics 365 Portal, you won’t face this problem. It allows smooth integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and the portal. Your data is synced in live environments between testing and can be reset and preserved when you switch CRMs. The process is easy and secure, so you are not worried about losing data.
Flow of Information: The portal has an interface that is interactive, so it is easy for users to enable access. Moreover, it also facilitates the on-demand exchange of information between the CRM and portal, so it feels hassle-free.
Flexible and Dynamic: With the simple and effortless drag-and-drop functionality, you can build flexible pages, sites, and dynamic widgets. All of this can be accomplished without writing a single line of code!
Customer Engagement: Emails and notifications help you keep your customers engaged and glued in.
Cost Effective: All of the entities involved are managed centrally; that’s what makes it an easy-to-configure portal. This lowers the operational cost and requirements exponentially.

With so many features to manage everyone who interacts with your business,  you are rest assured that all operations will run smoothly.

The portal enables self service, therefore freeing you and your staff from repetitive administrative tasks. All you have to do is focus on expanding your business and your customer base.

You will always know what is happening in your business and thus will be able to have much richer conversations with your partners, and vendors about business strategies, quarterly updates and more.

The Dynamics 365 portal is the right tool for you. Getting out of your comfort zone has never been easier!

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