Why Workflow Rules Are Better Than Flow

Here at Salesforce Ben, we have covered pretty much everything there is to cover when it comes to Salesforce. That includes both workflow rules and Flow. 

As much as we love everything that Salesforce is doing around Flow, we still think workflow rules have their place. In fact, we think they’re just better. And here’s why…

1. Workflow Rules: A Salesforce Specialization

Trailhead is full of useful badges around Flow. There are even 14 superbadges dedicated to Flow. But how many are there for workflow rules? Exactly, none! Give it a few years and there won’t be many who remember how to create a workflow rule, making it a niche skill!

2. More Is Less

Why use one flow when you can achieve the same with seven workflows? (Remember, more is less!)

The workflow rules below are nicely separated and don’t interfere with one another. Ah… simplicity!

3. Wizard Setup

No need to move elements around a canvas (extra work…) when you can use a good ol’ fashioned wizard setup interface.

4. Works in Classic

For those who like to reminisce about Salesforce classic, the workflow rule interface reminds us of a simpler time… and unlike those pesky flows, they actually work in classic!

5. Let’s Return to Emails

Over recent years, the workplace has moved away from emails to other messaging platforms such as Slack. However, sending messages from Salesforce to Slack requires an integration to be set up. That’s just too much work. Let’s go back to emails, and just send email alerts through workflow rules. Much easier!


Only kidding – it is April 1 after all! The Salesforce Ben team absolutely loves Flow. As much as we appreciate everything workflow rules did for us, we also acknowledge that it’s time to move on.

Here are some resources with information that’s actually useful when it comes to Salesforce Flow:

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