Your Guide to Sustainability at Dreamforce

With sustainability as our fifth core value, we’re setting out to make this our most sustainable Dreamforce ever. We’re conserving resources, sourcing responsibly, reducing waste, and inspiring our attendees to do the same.

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 21, for a full-day of programming at the Net Zero Summit that will feature the world’s most innovative Trailblazers driving climate solutions. Here’s how we’re bringing sustainability to life at Dreamforce 2022 — and how you can get involved:

Take action before you arrive

  • Check out the Sustainability & Net Zero Trail Map and bookmark sustainability sessions in Agenda Builder so you don’t miss the star-studded lineup – including Jane Goodall, Leah Thomas, Al Gore, and so many more – at luminary sessions and product keynotes.
  • Head over to the Sustainability Resource Center to get the tools to build a more sustainable future. Find articles, guides, white papers, reports, and more to learn about environmental topics and technologies, and stay tuned for the latest Dreamforce announcements on this page.

Reduce your footprint

  • We’re going 100% beefless and porkless for the attendee lunch. By going beefless, we will conserve millions of gallons of water. 
  • Our lunch program will offer 100% compostable packaging — the container, napkin, and utensils — all you have to do is toss it in the green bin when you’re done! We also have designated “Green Angels” — helpers who will direct you to the closest bin.
  • We’ll recycle your badge and lanyard! Once the event is over, leave them in the designated bins as you exit, and we’ll make sure they get recycled. 
  • New this year, instead of giving out backpacks and water bottles, we are giving all attendees the chance to offset their travel-related emissions to Dreamforce! Together, we can support carbon projects and reduce greenhouse gases. To opt-in, visit the Net Zero Treehouse in the Net Zero Vista at Moscone West, third floor, to vote for your favorite project for Salesforce to support through an awesome organization called Cool Effect. Be sure to bring your own water bottle and use the refillable water stations throughout campus.
Photo of a Dreamforce attendee filling up a reusable water bottle


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